My beautiful bride My beautiful bride

Earrings •   No:SS13E01

Stunning orchid earrings, made with real cattleya orchid leaf and Majorca pearls.

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Princes orchid Princes orchid

Earrings •   No:SS13E02

Dendrobium orchid leaf earrings with Swarovski crystals, coral and Majorca pearls are the eye catching piece for hot summer days.

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Green island Green island

Earrings •   No:SS13E03

What better you ca imagine than this pair of earrings for your summer escape in the secret Island? These earrings are made with green orchid leaf and shells – exotic and chic for everyday.

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My sweet candy My sweet candy

Earrings •   No:SS13E04

For a fresh feminine appeal, take this sweet pair of earrings made with hydrangea leaf and fresh water pearls, corals and glass. As usual pale colors are on top for the summer.

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Marry me with purple Marry me with purple

Earrings •   No:SS13E05

Add a splash of color to your day with this purple orchid earrings – made with dendrobium orchid leaf, cloisonné, Swarovski pearls and Majorca pearls.

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Sweet rose garden Sweet rose garden

Earrings •   No:SS13E06

Drawing inspiration from the famous Bulgarian rose valley this beautiful rose earrings give very feminine touch to your summer dress or bridal gown. Made with real rose bud, Swarovski, fresh water pearls and Majorca pearls.

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Royal orchid Royal orchid

Earrings •   No:SS13E07

The color shock trend is the latest wave to our collection. Energize your jewelry box with this royal blue and gold earrings. They’re made with gold plated real orchid, dendrobium orchid leaf, agate and Swarovski crystals.

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Be magic, be purple Be magic, be purple

Earrings •   No:SS13E08

Wear purple, the color of magic, set together with turquoise blue. Note how the violet stones are perfectly matched with real dendrobium orchid leaf and Swarovski crystals.

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Night rose Night rose

Earrings •   No:SS13E09

For exotic glamour after hours, get this pair of earrings made with real rose buds, fresh water pearls and hand made glass beads.

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Marry me with orchids Marry me with orchids

Earrings •   No:SS13E10

Wow - wortly jewels are the only way to accessorize this season and what better than Marry me with orchid earrings? Made with real cattleya orchid leaf,Swarovski crystal flower and Majorca pearls.

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