Purple orchid necklace Purple orchid necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N07

Real orchid flower and petals, FOP, mother of pearl, gold plated chain, silk ribbon

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Small pink rose necklace Small pink rose necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N08

Real rose flower, majoprka pearls

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Two orchids necklace Two orchids necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N09

Real orchid flowers and petals, green FOP, mother of pearl dark peacock, majorka pearls, gold plated chain

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Cream orchid  necklace Cream orchid necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N10

Real orchid flower, Swarovski crystals, majorka pearls, sterling silver chain

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Hawaii beauty necklace Hawaii beauty necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N11

Real orchid orange and purple flowers and petals, real cedar branch, mother of pearl, gold plated chain

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Red orchid necklace Red orchid necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N12

Real orchid flower, FOP, majorka pearls

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Two roses necklace Two roses necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N13

Real rose flowers, green jasper, amazonite, glass petal, majorka pearls

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Hawaii  big beauty necklace Hawaii big beauty necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N14

Real orchid flowers and petals, jade, cotton cord

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Mom’s garden necklace Mom’s garden necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N15

Real daisys and dahlia flowers, jade, quartz, FOP, mother of pearl

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Pink and gold sweet necklace Pink and gold sweet necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS11N16

Pink coral, metal ribbons, majorka pearls, swarovski crystal, gold plated chain, ribbon

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