Happy sea earrings Happy sea earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E04

Shark tooth, coral, gold plated charms, 14 Kt gold filled hook

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Pink and gray sweet earrings Pink and gray sweet earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E07

Metal ribbon, majorka pearls, lace, swarovsli crystal, sterling silver

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Sky blue sea earrings Sky blue sea earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E08

Glass, ribbon, gold plated chain, 14 Kt gold filled hooks

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Red rose earrings Red rose earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E09

Preserved rose flowers, snake skin, lava stone, silver plated post

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Fantastic sea earrings Fantastic sea earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E10

Glass, FOP, 14 Kt gold filled post

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Purple rose earrings Purple rose earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E11

Preserved rose flowers, FOP, swarovski crystal

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Sky blue round earrings Sky blue round earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E14

Glass, gold plated chain, ribbon, 14 Kt gold filled hooks

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Pink petal earrings Pink petal earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E15

Pink glass petals, majorka pearls, gold plated hoops

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Cream petal earrings Cream petal earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E16

Real orchid petals, swarovski pearls, majorka pearls, sterling silver

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Hawaii beauty earrings Hawaii beauty earrings

Earrings •   No:SS11E17

Real orchid petals, quartz, gold plated hoops

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