Glory of Egypt Glory of Egypt

Necklaces •   No:SS10N01

Multistrand and multicolor necklace, made with turquoise,corals, exotic wood, golden glass beads, quartz, sterling silver.

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Carmen Carmen

Necklaces •   No:SS10N02

Spanish drama… Contemporary and stylish… So sexy… Just wear your finest lingerie and DANNYRA’s “Carmen”. For a fatal look.

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Tropical drama Tropical drama

Necklaces •   No:SS10N03

Joy,color, inspiration…and black guipure lace, adding a little drama on your tropical paradise. Just for a gorgeous baby.

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Purple shine Purple shine

Necklaces •   No:SS10N04

Glamour! Ultimate statement! Gold and purple goddess!

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Little Purple shine Little Purple shine

Necklaces •   No:SS10N05

Elegant and classy! Beautiful! Wear it with “Purple shine” earrings and “Purple shine” bracelet.

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Silky champagne Silky champagne

Necklaces •   No:SS10N06

An erruption of pearls champagne. Feel the real woman!

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Cacophony Cacophony

Necklaces •   No:SS10N07

Yes, green for inspiration, for your bold emotions, and bright, bright, bright!

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Little Cacophony Little Cacophony

Necklaces •   No:SS10N08

Pearls in motion for a cool and colorful summer! Wear it with your “Cacophony”ring and bracelet.

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Sunny drops Sunny drops

Necklaces •   No:SS10N09

Yellow like a sunny summer day. Enjoy this trendy color in gorgeous statement. Wear it like accent for an evening ensembles. Put your “Sunny drops” earrings and bracelet.

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Silver gipsy Silver gipsy

Necklaces •   No:SS10N10

Contemporary bohemian style. Bright combination of beautiful drops. Chic and style.

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