Little star Little star

Necklaces •   No:SS13N28

Refresh the basic outfit with very unusual sort of orchid – draconis – in the center. It looks like a little star in the sky of corals, majorca and fresh water pearls.

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Shine with rose Shine with rose

Necklaces •   No:SS13N33

Sparkling with Shine with Rose necklace is the hottest way to work summer’s more-is-more jewelry trend. Made with real rose buds in pink and cream, mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals in pretty hues of champagne.

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Cream beauty Cream beauty

Necklaces •   No:SS13N39

An orchid in the center seals this piece with our designer’s signature edge. Very interesting hues of pale red, cream and green. They are in perfect harmony with mother of pearl in cream.

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Say yes with orchid Say yes with orchid

Necklaces •   No:SS13N40

A breath taking bridal piece witch can be worn with a satin gown. Finished with cascading strands of fresh water pearls, real orchid dendrobium in the center and two orchid leaves, sparkling with Swarovski crystals.

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Maria's bridal necklace Maria's bridal necklace

Necklaces •   No:SS13N41

Give every bridal gown the Wow – factor with Maria’s bridal necklace. Adorned with Swarovski flower beads, mother of pearl, fresh water pearls and splendid white orchid in the center.

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Tender Rose Tender Rose

Necklaces •   No:SS13N42

Wear this very elegant rose necklace with simple silk gown or style with lace dress for attractive day look. Light pink majorca drops, real rose in pink in the center, green mother of pearl and very light pink Swarovski pearls, all give you this tender an

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Fantastic orchid Fantastic orchid

Necklaces •   No:SS13N43

Fantastic Orchid necklace is just what you need to transform your look from standart to standout. This unique bridal piece is made with real orchid dendrobium diamante in white, real orchid leaves and majorca pearls.

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Oh, my lovely lady Oh, my lovely lady

Necklaces •   No:SS13N45

This necklace is a stunning showcase for the natural beauty of orchid. With beautiful selection of mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals, punctuated with vanilla orchid, decorated with gold trim, you’ll transform your favorite silk dress for the new sea

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Necklaces •   No:SS16N02

"Frederica" presents the classic lustrous of Majorca pearls in soft pink-beige color and the beauty of the rose in bloom. Make a statement against low necklines.

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Necklaces •   No:SS16N03

Dannyra's "Fiore" necklace is handcrafted using real rose buds and a daffodil leaves. Very elegant pink corals and pearls. With the inherent femininity it makes an elegant bridal accessory.

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