My beautiful bride My beautiful bride

Earrings •   No:SS13E01

Stunning orchid earrings, made with real cattleya orchid leaf and Majorca pearls.

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Sweet rose garden Sweet rose garden

Earrings •   No:SS13E06

Drawing inspiration from the famous Bulgarian rose valley this beautiful rose earrings give very feminine touch to your summer dress or bridal gown. Made with real rose bud, Swarovski, fresh water pearls and Majorca pearls.

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Marry me with orchids Marry me with orchids

Earrings •   No:SS13E10

Wow - wortly jewels are the only way to accessorize this season and what better than Marry me with orchid earrings? Made with real cattleya orchid leaf,Swarovski crystal flower and Majorca pearls.

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Say yes with rose Say yes with rose

Earrings •   No:SS13E14

Bring a romance in your wedding day with this feminine et delicious rose earrings. Nice hues of pale pink and fuschia, real rose bud in cream and red.

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Golden bride Golden bride

Earrings •   No:SS13E18

For the bride to be or just for your romantic mood, wear this elegant pair of earrings made with real rose buds in cream, hand made cloisonné beads, Majorca pearls. Allow the maximum exposure by keeping your locks swept up high.

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Little star Little star

Earrings •   No:SS13E20

This is not a star, but a dragonis orchid, real treasure, very unusual, here in perfect match with fresh water pearls,corals and glass. Wear them as a charming accent to everything from the season pale pastels.

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Oh, my lovely lady Oh, my lovely lady

Earrings •   No:SS13E21

A breath taking bridal piece for making an exquisite point to your look. Made with real orchid leaves, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals. These earrings are sure to steal the show.

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Earrings •   No:SS16E05

Length: 5 cm

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Earrings •   No:SS16E06

Length: 8cm

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Earrings •   No:SS16E07

Length: 7 cm

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